Hair Bows with Clay Button Centers

Our Bowdabra Design Team shared with collage_final-300x220you yesterday how to make polymer clay button hair bow centers. We designed several different unique types that would look lovely in the center of button_clay_104-300x220your hair bows.

Today we made several different hair bows using our Mini Bowdabra and Hair Bow Tool & Ruler. We then attached the buttons to the center of the hair clips and we think they give our hair bows an awesome finished look! We hope that you agree.

We created a large style bow with a purple button center. We used our Mini Bowdabra, Hair Bow Tool & Ruler, and the Interactive Hair Bow Making CD to easily design this bow. We layered netting, a 4? wide 6 loop basic bow, ribbon sprays, and finished with a small bow tie. Then we threaded the Bowdabra Bow Wire through the button holes and brought the wire around to the back.

netting_collage_11We then attached a ribbon lined alligator clip to the back of the bow using the Bowdabra Bow Wire. We trimmed the wire and our hair bow was complete.


Using our Mini Bowdabra and Hair Bow Tool and Ruler we also created an 8 loop basic bow, stacked with a Boutique Bow, and finished with a small little bow 2 loop bow with tails. Using our Bowdabra Bow Wire we attached the bow to a plastic barrette clip.

polkadot_collageWe then finished our bow by hot gluing a clay button with rhinestones onto the center.


Lastly, we made a very unique hair bow with the large eyed clay buttons. To begin with we created a Boutique Bow with 2? Tails using the inches side of our Hair Bow Tool & Ruler. We then trimmed away the Bowdabra Bow Wire.

layered_top_collageWe then flipped the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler over on the metric side and created a small bow. We added a finishing knot to the center of our small bow but kept the Bowdabra Bow Wire in place. Then we threaded the Bowdabra Bow Wire through the large eyed bead and placing the bow on top of the bead.

layered_center_collageTo complete our hair bow we attached the small bow with the bead to the top of the Boutique Bow and tied the Bowdabra Bow Wire to a ribbon lined alligator clip. We trimmed away the excess wire and our bow was complete.


We love our handmade clay button centers on our Mini Bowdabra Hair Bows!


The Hair Bow Tool and Ruler easily fits over the Mini Bowdabra. Bowdabra Ribbons Crafts & Things Store sells the items individually or you can purchase the Hair Bow Creator Pack which comes with the Mini Bowdabra, Hair Bow Tool, & Ribbon.


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