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Kids Crafts: How to Make Ribbon Rings

August 3, 2011

All week is Kids Crafts on our Bowdabra Blog! Learn how to make one size fits-all ribbon rings. This is the perfect craft for a little girl’s birthday party or rainy day craft. Make rings for yourself or give them as gifts.

Materials Needed:


1. Design the ring template using Perler beads on the Perler pegboards. Leave the very center open.

2. Follow the Perler bead instructions for bonding the beads together. Parents: Use iron to bond the beads.

3. Gather bobbin ribbon to make your rings.

4. Cut the bobbin ribbon and pinch the sides together; thread the two ends through the center of the beads.

5. To make the ring put it on your finger pull the ribbon tails. Once you have the correct size knot it and then trim the ribbon.

6. Make several ribbon rings.

7. Optional: Add little gems onto the rings.

For more about the designer…..

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