Summertime Kids Craft Ideas

Summertime Kids Craft Ideas

Those dreaded words that cause parents to cringe; ”œI am bored, and there is nothing to do.” Summertime or rainy day boredom can be hard on both kids and parents!

Here are some easy summertime kids craft ideas to keep those little ones active and entertained. From my own experiences, I have found once the craft is complete kids will often use their final craft projects to entertain each other and themselves with pretend play.

Crafters 4 Kids is a wonderful resource to download craft projects that you and your children can make together. Crafters 4 Kids ( is a non-profit that compiles donated craft projects from crafters for you to download and create with your kids! Visit Crafters 4 Kids and their Summertime Category for great project ideas.

Here are a few of our Crafters 4 Kids Summertime Crafts favorites:

Help children create a pipe cleaner zoo and watch in delight as they play for hours with their own craft creations.

While at the beach make sand castle candles. Have children help make the sand castle candles during the day and then light the candles on the beach at night.

Best DIY Summer Crafts for Children

This week on our Bowdabra Blog it was Kids Craft Week. Follow these craft tutorials from our Bowdabra Blog to design more amazing crafts with your children.

Follow the easy step-by-step tutorial with picture to make Clothespin Fairies. Kids can put on a play or run through the yard with their flying fairies in tow.

clothespin fairies crafts

Design ribbon bouncy balls and have children create a game with their own rules on how to play with the balls. Use hulu hoops as targets and try to bounce the ball into the hoops. Or see how many times you can throw the ribbon ball back and forth without it dropping. Or see who can throw it in the air the highest and watch the ribbon tails sail down towards you.

ribbon bouncy balls crafts

Make ribbon rings for yourself, mom, aunts, grandma, and friends. Children will love creating their own patterns with Perler Beads and Morex Bobbin Ribbon.

ribbon rings using Bowdabra tutorial

Recycle Capri Sun boxes and transform them into little girl fashion purses with matching hair bows. Use the purses, bows, ribbon rings, and pretend play clothes to create a fashion show!

fashion purses crafts

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