Summer Memories: Baseball Scrapbooking Page

Catching a foul ball at an All-Star Game was a big deal for my son this summer. My son loves baseball and was thrilled to be highres_baseball-300x290going to a baseball game. When he caught a foul ball at the game he was ecstatic – beyond thrilled! I wanted to capture the moment in a summer memories scrapbook page for him.

Materials Needed:

Ӣ Summer Photos
Ӣ Scrapbook Cardstock
Ӣ Scrapbooking Letters
Ӣ Scrapbook Embellishments
Ӣ Glue Stick
1. Begin by gathering photos, tickets, passes from the special day.
2. Using glue mount the baseball tickets onto cardstock. Add Baseball Bobbin Ribbon ties.
3. Decide the scrapbook page layout and start to glue images onto the cardstock.
4. Arrange baseball tickets, photos, lettering, and other scrapbook embellishments onto the cardstock. Glue all of it down.
5. Complete scrapbook layout with any additional lettering or embellishments.


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