Bowdabra Holiday Decor: Christmas Glass Block

Are you lovelies ready to start getting your craft on for Christmas? I know I am! I love decorating and crafting for Christmas. I put Christmas Glass Blockon my favorite Christmas movie or CD and relax a little bit, while creating some red and green loveliness for my home. One of my favorite ways to decorate at Christmas time is with vinyl and ribbon. I think ribbon and vinyl can spruce up any old thing. They create insta-cuteness. Today I am going to show you a simple Christmas craft. It is a Christmas glass block. These are perfect to display on mantels, tables, and are even great as Christmas gifts.

So let’s get crafting…

Here is What You Need:


1. Begin by gathering all your materials.

Create Christmas Glass Block


2. Clean the surface of your glass block. This is just to make sure there is no dust or anything on it when you apply the vinyl.

Bowdabra Holiday Decor


3. Add your vinyl lettering. I chose the word JOY in red. I thought it went perfectly with my Red and Gold Swirl Ribbon.

Beautiful Christmas craftMake Beautiful Christmas craft


4. Once you apply your vinyl, you’re ready for your ribbon.

Bowdabra Ribbons


5. Wrap your ribbon around your glass block. I taped mine in place before hot gluing it. I removed the tape after gluing.

Make Christmas Glass block


6. Now that your block has its vinyl and ribbon, all it needs is a pretty bow for the top. To make the bow cut 24 inches of Bowdabra wire. Place it into your Bowdabra.

Bowdabra wire


7. Take the end of the ribbon and twist the side that has the longest end and place it right side facing down-wards into the Bowdabra. This is the beginning of your first loop.

Ribbon with Bowdabra tool


8. Continue folding your ribbon into your Bowdabra, making loops.

loops with bowdabra tool


9. Continue to create as many loops as you want, depending on the fullness of the bow you prefer at the end. I wanted mine pretty full, so I did a bunch of loops. Once you have achieved your desired ribbon width scrunch down the ribbon with the Bowdabra wand. Tie with your Bowdabra Wire.

perfect bowdabra bows


10. Fluff and shape your bow. Hot glue it onto your glass block

Christmas holiday decorative piece


11. Once your bow is secured, enjoy your new holiday decorative piece. What a cute addition this will be to your Christmas Decor this season.

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