Bowdabra Christmas Gifts: Ribbon Christmas Tree

This week on the Bowdabra Blog we have been focusing on holiday gifts. The Christmas gift tutorials are perfect presents that can be handmade for teachers, neighbors,Ribbon Christmas Tree friends, family, or given as hostess gifts.

Our Bowdabra Blog tutorial today is how to make a ribbon Christmas Tree.

Materials Needed:

  • Styrofoam Cone
  • 1.5? Green Grosgrain Ribbon
  • 3/8? Red Grosgrain Ribbon
  • 7/8? Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Straight Pins with Pearl Heads


1. Begin with the green grosgrain ribbon, Styrofoam cone and straight pins.

how to make a ribbon christmas tree

2. Next, place one end of ribbon at the top of the cone and hold it in place with a pin. Then with the rest of the ribbon create little tree branches. To create the branches pitch the ribbon and hold it in place with a pin. Continue pinching ribbon and placing a pin into the cone. As you get to the bottom create larger ribbon branches.

make a ribbon Christmas Tree

3. Duplicate the ribbon loops on the opposite side of the cone.

make a christmas tree with ribbon

4. Add two more ribbon layers one on each side. For a total of 4 ribbon layer loops.

how to make a christmas tree with ribbon

5. Next, in between the ribbon layer loops you are going to add more ribbon. To hold the next ribbon strand in place start at the top and hold it together with pins. Point the pins downwards so that they do not come through to the other side. Add loops down the sides.

christmas gifts

6. Add ribbon loops down all four sides to completely cover the Styrofoam cone.

diy gifts for christmas

7. Hold the ribbon in place on the bottom of the cone with pins. I added more pins then I needed but I was trying to make sure that my Christmas tree stood level and even.

christmas tree decorations

8. Cut a piece of green grosgrain ribbon and shape it into a point for the top of the tree. Hold the point in place with more pins.

christmas decorations diy

9. Use 3/5? red grosgrain ribbon as garland for the ribbon tree. Using the pins to hold the red ribbon in place.

christmas ribbon decorations

10. Complete the ribbon Christmas tree by cutting out a yellow grosgrain ribbon star. Seal the ends of the grosgrain ribbon using clear nail polish or a no fray.

ribbon decorating ideas


11. The ribbon Christmas tree is complete and ready to given as a gift or displayed in your own home.

ribbon christmas tree decoration

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