Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas: Holiday Tree Garland Gift Box

Christmas tree garland is pretty and plentiful during the holidays. Reuse some old garland or purchase inexpensive new garlandHoliday Tree Garland Gift Box to use as wrapping for the holidays. Garland can easily be wrapped around containers to create a unique and festive holiday present. We used a washed, recycled ice cream carton as our container to make this fun Christmas present wrapping.

Materials Needed:

  • Christmas Tree Garland
  • Recycled Ice Cream Carton
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Christmas Tree Ornament (optional)


1. Begin with a recycled ice cream container. Wash and thoroughly dry the container before using.

Holiday Gift Box

2. Using hot glue attach garland to the lid of the ice cream carton.

christmas garland diy

3. Hot glue garland around the rim of the ice cream carton’s lid.

make your own christmas garlands

4. Wrap garland around the ice cream container and hot glue it in place.

how to decorate a christmas garland

5. You now have a finished garland gift box with base and lid.

garland decorating ideas

6. Optional: Attach an ornament to the lid of the gift box. Either tie the ornament to some garland on the lid or tape the string to the inside of the lid.

diy christmas garland ideas

7. Line the gift box with tissue paper, place the gift inside, and close the gift box. Your unique Christmas tree garland gift box is complete!

decorate a christmas garland

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