How to Make Woven Ribbon Hearts

Woven ribbon hearts are easy to make and look gorgeous  Make Woven Ribbon Heartsas hair bow centers. After making a Bowdabra Hair Bow hot glue a ribbon heart to the center of the bow to hide the Bowdabra Bow wire and give the hair bow a finished glam look!

Or make several ribbon hearts to add to Valentine cards, scrapbooking layouts, or party favors.

Materials Needed for One Woven Heart:

  • 2 strips of 3/8? grosgrain 3.5? long
  • 2 strips of 3/8? grosgrain 2.5? long
  • hot glue
  • clear nail polish or lighter for sealing ribbon


1. Cut 2 strips of 3/8? grosgrain ribbon 3.5? long. Seal the ends of the ribbon with clear nail polish or use a lighter. Hot glue the ribbon together to form a point. Place the ribbon on the right on top of the left (according to picture below).

Woven ribbon heart tutorial

2. Next, cut 2 strips of 3/8? grosgrain 2.5? long. Hot glue the left ribbon and then the right ribbon at the point all on top of each other.

Love heart ribbon

3. Fold the top left ribbon to form a loop and hot glue it in place on the right side. Fold the right top ribbon to weave it under and hot glue it in place to the top left ribbon.

Make Loving Heart Ribbon

4. Next, fold the right bottom ribbon and create a loop. Weave it through the left loop and hot glue it in place.


5. Lastly fold the left loop, weave it under the big loop, over the first ribbon in small loop, and then through the small loop. Hot glue the ribbon in place on the back.

Ribbon Heart Shape Valentine's Day DIY Craft


6. Your woven ribbon heart is complete.

Craft Happy Valentine's Day Ribbon with Hearts 7. Make several ribbon woven hearts to add to hair bows, cardmaking, scrapbooking, and party favors. Ribbon hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day craft projects.

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Add woven ribbon hearts to Bowdabra Hair Bows for Valentine’s Day. Click here for the tutorial.

DIY Valentine's Day ribbon heart craft

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