Birthday Party Candy Necklaces

This is such a fun tutorial and a great birthday party craft! Kids will be so excited to design their own candy necklaces. Birthday PartyCreate no-mess candy necklaces using packaged candy. Choose the ribbon, choose the candy, and make a unique party necklace.

Materials Needed:

  • Ribbon-to-Bead a Bowdabra Exclusive
  • (We used: 70984-122, 70084-613, 70084-606)
  • Individually Wrapped Candy
  • Hole Puncher
  • Reinforcement Labels


1. Begin with an assortment of individually wrapped candy.


2. Punch holes into the candy packaging and use reinforcement labels to keep the wrapping from tearing.

3. Using Ribbon-to-Bead thread the ribbon through the hole punches.


4. Continue adding candy to create a unique necklace. Trim away excess ribbon to finish the necklace.

5. Experiment with other candies to make additional necklaces. Hole punch the candies and add reinforcement labels.


6. Trim ribbon so that it ties in the back or mix-it-up and make it tie on the side with a bow tie.

7. Each child can make their own necklace and use candy that they like.

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