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Baby Shower Vases and Party Ideas

Baby Shower Finished VasesI believe whenever you are decorating or hosting a party you should try to use what you have one hand. Why spend money if you don’t have to? I follow this in all the crafts and projects I make. My sister was expecting another baby and a shower was in order for this celebration. I was in charge of decor and wanted something simple, fun, and pink. Every baby girl shower needs to be pink right?

Instead of running to the store for those cheap paper decorations and balloons, I raided my stash of craft supplies and Bowdabra ribbon. I came back with quite a supply of great possibilities. The ideas started igniting. I also went throughout my house to see what else I could use to add to the decor. When I found 3 old vases in my shed, I knew these would be the perfect accent for the baby shower buffet.
Regardless of the theme of the shower you are hosting or the baby’s gender, this craft can be adapted for any shower or party simply by changing the colors used.


Materials Needed:


1. This project is a great way to use old vases that are in your your attic or storage shed. Wash them and make sure they are throughly dried before continuing to step 2.
Plain Vases

Baby Shower Vases and Party Favor Ideas

2. Paint the vases with craft paint and a foam brush. It may take 2 or 3 coats to completely cover the vases. To make sure the paint is completely dry, let the vases set overnight before continuing to step 3.
Baby Shower Painted Vases

Baby Shower Vases and Party Favor Ideas


3. Add flowers to the vases. Since the shower I was hosting was for a baby girl, the obvious choice was pink flowers!
Baby Shower Flowers In Vase

Baby Shower Vases and Party Favor Ideas


4. Cut 24 inches of Bowdabra wire. Place it into your Bowdabra. Insert the free end of a spool of ribbon into the Bowdabra.

Baby Shower Flower Arrangement- Ribbon In Bowdabra

Baby Shower Vases and Party Favor Ideas


5. Fold the ribbon over to make a loop for the bow. Twist the end of the first loop, then insert the loop into the Bowdabra. Continue making loops just like this on both sides of the Bowdabra until the bow has as many loops as you want. The more loops, the fuller the bow will be. I made a bow with 6 loops. Once you have achieved your desired ribbon width, scrunch down the ribbon with the Bowdabra wand. Tie with your Bowdabra Wire. Take a scrap piece of ribbon to tie around the middle of your bow to hide the Bowdabra wire.
Baby Shower Vase- Bow

Baby Shower Vases and Party Favor Ideas


6. Glue the bow on one vase. I accented the other two vases with a piece of ribbon tied into a simple knot.
Baby Shower Finished Vases

Baby Shower Vases and Party Favor Ideas

These vases added a great punch of color to my sister’s shower. For more baby shower decorating ideas, check out My Love Note Chalkboard Plate tutorial. I used this same plate on my food buffet and simply wrote “Girl” on it. Check back tomorrow to learn how to make the “Celebrate” banner.


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