White Lace Flowers for Bows and Hair Accessories

Flowers for bows and hair accessories are very popular. Using lace, crochet a flower in just a few easy steps. When white lace How to make hair bowsis crocheted it is soft and puffy looking. Perfect for a flower for a baby or little girl!

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Materials Needed:
White Lace
Buttons or Gems
Crochet Hook ”œH”




1. Begin by gathering a crochet hook size ”œH” and a spool of white lace.

Craft Supplies for Hair Bows


2. Single crochet (sc) 4 chains

Hair Bow Accessories


3. Slip Stitch (ss) in the first chain to form a ring. Chain 3

Hair Bow Projects


4. Double crochet (dc) in the ring, 8 times.

DIY Crochet Proejcts

Hair Bow Craft Ideas


5. Slip Stitch (ss) to close the circle, and single crochet (sc) 4

ribbon bow maker


6. Slip Stitch (ss) into the next stitch, single crochet (sc) 4. Continue all the way around the circle.

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7. Fasten off and trim away or sew in excess lace.

Flower Bow Hair Accessories


8. Make a matching white lace flower.

White lace hair bow


9. Sew on a button center or glue a gem in place.

Bowdabra Hair Bow Accessories


10. Your lace flowers are complete and will look beautiful either alone or on the center of a hair bow.

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