3 Quick And Easy Thanksgiving DIY Craft Ideas For Kids

By Sara Peterson

Turkey, family dinners, get together and being grateful! It’s time for Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 27. It’s a great time for encouraging your kids to create different Thanksgiving items to decorate your home or gift someone. Kids actually end up involving the whole family when they get to work!

Have your children create simple crafts to show their appreciation and express their gratitude for thanksgiving. The little ones can make DIY turkey crafts by using simple craft tools and items that you can easily find at home.

3 Quick & Easy Thanksgiving DIY Craft Ideas for Kids Here are some easy, do-it-yourself Thanksgiving crafts ideas for kids to boost up the holiday mood:

Decorative Wreath Ideas For Kids1. Decorative Wreath with Bow

Decorating your front door with beautiful and elegant wreaths on Thanksgiving is the perfect way to welcome guests. Get a foam wreath and wrap ribbon around it. Create a pretty bow using a bow-making tool and golden ribbon. Press the bow and some silk flowers onto the wreath using a floral pin. Besides you can add pine cones and floral picks to make the wreath more attractive. Use colors such as silver, gold and brown for a festive and elegant touch.

Handmade Turkey Terra Cottapot for Bow2. Turkey Terracotta Pot

Making a handmade turkey candy dish is fun. You can gift a Thanksgiving candy dish to the hostess. You need simple craft supplies such as a terracotta pot, feathers, foam, and a wooden spoon – you can find these at home and any regular art and craft supplies store. Use the wooden spoon to make a turkey head by pasting googly eyes, beak, and snood using glue. Googly eyes or jiggly eyes are small plastic craft supplies used to imitate eyeballs. Attach a strip of foam along the top of the pot.

Fix the turkey’s head on the terracotta pot using glue. You can slide feathers between the terracotta pot and the thick foam strip – its looks super cool! What’s more, you can put wrapped candy inside the turkey terracotta pot and your gift is ready. Kids love making this candy dish and of course, the hostess is going to be floored by this adorable gift.

Pine Cone Turkey - Bowdabra3. Pine Cone Turkey

Nature, the greatest giver is the most wonderful source of craft supplies! When you go on a nature walk, don’t forget to collect some pine cones. Pick some feathers, cut them into two and paste them on pine cones using hot glue. Add wiggly eyes and a beak made from construction paper. Your Pine Cone Turkey, your very own Thanksgiving DIY craft is ready!

Pinterest and craft blogs are a great source of innovative ideas for craft making. You can use simple crafting tools, bow makers and hair bow makers for creating great looking and useful crafts. Using DIY tools helps you to create cost-effective unique home decor items and gift items yourself. You save money and you gain creative satisfaction, in short a win-win situation! Make this Thanksgiving even more special for you and your loved ones with DIY crafts and bows.

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