Monogrammed Wine Glass Place Setting Favors

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Do your guests forget where they set their wine glasses at your Holiday parties? Wine glass charms are an easy way to remember and with a monogrammed letter it’s even easier. These little wine glass charms work great as a place setting and a party favor. Your guests can take home their glass when the party is over. Monogrammed charms are inexpensive at craft stores and the dollar stores have a great assortment of wine glasses and goblets. Is your party a non-drinking event? Don’t fret you can do the same with a water goblet or any sort of glass and fill it with Christmas candy. The Mini Bowdabra bow maker  with the hair bow tool and  ruler make this project  quick and easy. You can make a set of monogrammed favors in a just a few minutes!


Note: If some of your guests have names that start with the same letter, simply change up the ribbon color.


You will need:


  • Mini Bowdabra and the  Mini Bowdabra hair bow tool and ruler
  • Monogram charms
  • 1-inch wide sheer gold trimmed ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or small paintbrush

 bow maker tool

  1. Cut an 18-inch piece of bow wire, fold in half and insert into the bow maker. You will have a loop at one side and two pieces of wire at the other.

bow making tool

  1. Cut another piece of bow wire 6 inches long. Thread through the hole in the top of the monogram charm and tie a knot. Set aside.

bowdabra bow wire

bow wire

  1. Cut a piece of the one-inch wide ribbon 6 inches long. Fold each end and cut into a dovetail. Twist and insert into the bow maker.

designer ribbon

bow maker

  1. Cut another piece of one-inch wide ribbon 10 inches long. Insert the end into the bow maker. Make a loop to the 1 ½” line. Make a matching loop on the other side. End with a ½” piece of ribbon.

 bow ruler kit

how to make a bow

make a bow

  1. Insert the monogram charm with the bow wire.

 bow tool

  1. Scrunch down with the wand.

 bow design tool

  1. Insert the two loose ends through the loop and pull tight while the bow in still in the bow maker. Remove from the bow maker and tie a knot in the back. Cut any excess wire off and adjust your bow and charm.

 Bowdabra bow maker

diy ribbon bow

  1. Tie to the stem of a wine glass. Use the end of a pencil or small paintbrush to curl the excess bow wire into a spiral and pull up.

diy decorated wine glasses

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