Easy to create Bowdabra sunflower hair bow

Sun 15

It’s the time for sunshine and flowers and you can easily make a  sunflower hair bow using the Mini Bowdabra bow maker.

This bow has a barrette clip and longer tails and It  looks great attached to the top of a pony tail.

I have some friends that have beautiful thick long hair.  They absolutely love these gorgeous sunflower hair bows!



Mini bowdabra

15 inches of bowdabra wire

4 feet of yellow grosgrain ribbon

Silk Black Eyed Susan flower head

Lady bug accent piece

Barrette attachment


1. Gather your supplies

Summer hair bow

2. Fold your wire in half and place into the mini bowdabra

Summer hair bow

3. Fold your ribbon in half

Summer hair bow

4. At the half point, pinch your ribbon as shown and insert into the middle of the mini bowdabra.

.Summer hair bow

5. Starting with the right side, bring the ribbon over in a loop of about 4 inches. Pinch the ribbon and insert into the center of the bowdabra.

Summer hair bow

6. Bring the left side of the ribbon over the first loop you have made.

Summer hair bow

7. Pinch this part at 4 inches and push down into the center of the bowdabra.

Summer hair bow

8. You now have two loops crossing each other. Gently pinch these loops and adjust so that all four loops are the same size.

Summer hair bow

9. Using the bowdabra wand, push the center down making a 4 loop bow.

Summer hair bow

10. Pull up the bowdabra wire, insert the two loose ends into the loop end, pull and tighten. You can adjust your bow again if you need to.

Summer hair bow

11. Turn the bow over, tighten and tie off.

Summer hair bow

12. Hot glue a barrette clip to the back of the bow.

Summer hair bow

13. Put hot glue on the back side of your flower.

Summer hair bow

14. Turn flower over and press into the middle point of your bow.

Summer hair bow

15. Put a small drop of glue near the corner of the bow.

Summer hair bow

16. Attach the lady bug accent.

Note:  Have fun adding different accents to the hair bow like this cute dragonfly!

New bow

Sunflower Hair Bow
SunFlower Hair BowVisit Bowdabra designer Pat on her Facebook page for more of her beautiful floral creations!



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