Elsa the Snow Queen’s Stunning Bracelet

IMG_4535 With the popularity of Disney’s Frozen, it’s no surprise that Elsa is one of the top Halloween costumes for girls. So if your little girl is dying for a Elsa dress, remember that accessories are needed to complete that awesome looking outfit!

This Elsa the Snow Queen from Frozen inspired bracelet is made of hot glue adorned with glittery rhinestones and finished with a Bowdabra bow and wire tie closure. It’s simply stunning and oh so easy to make.

Just gather the following supplies:
Mini Bowdabra, wire and wand
Bracelet template
Hot glue gun
Assorted stick-on rhinestones
Flame to seal ribbon


To begin, right click the bracelet image to save to Word and print out on paper. Next remove glass from a dollar store frame and place over the image.

Elsa Bracelet Template

Elsa Bracelet Template

Trace the outline of the bracelet using hot glue. As you can see, my lines were not straight, but that’s ok. You can go over the lines and fill-in where needed.



Allow the hot glue to cool off before gently lifting the bracelet off from the glass.


To shape, run hot water over the bracelet and place on wrist. Dry off and add stick-on rhinestones to decorate.


Next, fold 15 inches of Bowdabra wire and insert into the Mini Bowdabra, tucking ends under.

Cut a 10 inch piece of ribbon, sealing ends with flame. Bring ends together overlapping, forming left and right loops and insert into Bowdabra.

Scrunch down using the Bowdabra wand. Take wire ends and push through loop, pulling tightly while bow is still in the Bowdabra.

Remove bow and tie wire in back. Insert wire ends into left/right end openings on bracelet


and tie on wrist.

Love how the bracelet turned out . . . the pictures just doesn’t do it justice!

Hope your little sweetie has fun dressing up as Elsa the Snow Queen and wearing her stunning bracelet, tied with a Bowdabra bow!

Be sure and visit Bowdabra designer Gail at her blog Purple hues and me, G+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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