Fall leaves silverware pockets

How to Make Fall Leaves Silverware Pockets

Do you want a quick craft that you can do with the kids this Thanksgiving?  These fall leaves silverware pockets are simple and dress up any table in style.

Every so often I walk into the dollar store and find something that I just have to buy for no reason at all. So these  fall leaves kind of jumped in my cart.  Just kidding but I just knew they would make cute fall leaves silverware pocket for my Thanksgiving table –or any fall dinner.

After thanksgiving pop in some wrapped mints and  your guests can even take them home as a party favor! To make them quick you can use a glue gun but this is also fun kid’s project when you use thick tacky glue.  If using tacky glue you will need some clothespins to hold the pocket together while the glue sets.


  • Dark brown stiffened felt rectangle (It will make two pockets)
  • Tan embossed felt
  • Fall leaves table scatter or fall felt shapes
  • Ruler
  • White colored pencil (to write on dark felt)
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears or decorative paper scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks…or
  • Thick tacky craft glue and clothespins to hold the glued area till dry


  1. Gather your supplies. Fold the stiffened brown felt in half lengthwise.  Press to crease.  Measure 4 inches from the side edge and make a line.  Cut out.  The folded pocket will be 4 Inches wide by 4 ½” inches deep.

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Create simple & easy fall leaves silverware pockets

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  1. Use the glue gun to run a bead of glue down the sides of the pocket and press to attach…or if working with children, run a bead of thick tacky glue down the sides and press to attach.  Hold with clothespins until dry.  Add more tacky glue if necessary to make sure the pocket is secure.  Use the pinking shears or paper scissors to trim the top for a decorative look.

Fall Leaves Silverware Pockets craft ideas

Fall Leaves Silverware Pockets making ideas

  1. Cut a strip of embossed felt 2 inches by 4 ½.” Use the pinking shears to trim the top edge like you did on the pocket. Center this embossed felt on the front of the pocket and attach with glue gun or tacky glue.

unique & beautiful fall leaves pockets

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  1. Glue on the leaf table scatter in a pleasing arrangement on the front of the pocket.

easy fall leaves silverware pockets with table décor ideas

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