Frozen Elsa clothespin doll

How to craft Frozen Elsa clothespin doll

You can easily create this cute little Frozen Elsa clothespin doll. All you need is a little ribbon, clothespin with stand and a dowel cap. Add a snowflake button or charm and some yarn for the hair and she will be ready to display throughout the holidays. It all glued together so it works up so quickly you will be amazed!


  • Clothespin (for doll making)
  • Clothespin stand
  • Large dowel cap to fit over the clothespin
  • 5/8” teal colored grosgrain ribbon
  • 5/8” sparkle teal colored ribbon
  • Scraps of heavy variegated yellow/white yarn (you can substitute lt. yellow if you want)
  • White sparkle chenille stem
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Small snowflake button or charm
  • Silver Bowdabra bow wire (Bowdabra bow wire is easy on the hands and so useful for so many projects!)


  1. Cut the chenille stem 8” long. Fold in half and attach in the center of the neck of the clothespin with some hot glue.

Making a bow for a wreath

Frozen Anna clothespin doll

Christmas ribbon bows

  1. Wrap each side around, gluing as you go to the front. You will create a scarf on the neck and two arms. Make sure the arms are even on both sides.

Wreath ribbon bow

Decorative christmas bows

Craft beautiful clothespin doll

  1. Cut eight strips of the teal grosgrain ribbon 4” long, and six 4” strips from the sparkle ribbon.
  1. Begin gluing right under the scarf each strip of grosgrain ribbon working your way around the clothespin.

xmas bows for wreaths

making a bow with wired ribbon

  1. After you have added all the grosgrain ribbon strips, add the sparkle strips starting at the side of the clothespin, around the back and end on the opposite side.

Frozen Elsa clothespin doll

  1. Glue the dowel cap onto the top of the clothespin for the head.

Frozen Elsa clothespin doll

  1. Gather a few lengths of yarn and glue to the top of the head and slightly down one side. Braid the yarn and tie with silver bow wire.

Ribbon for making bows

Frozen Elsa clothespin doll

Bow making instructions

  1. Add the snowflake to the center and adjust the arms. Fan out the dress and stand up to display.

How to make a ribbon wreath

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