Last Minute Gift Idea for Kitchen Lovers

DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts Idea

I honestly try to prepare for the holidays throughout the year. I purchased gifts year round when I find them on sale, and I make a list mid-November to make sure that I am up to date on everything that we have and everything that we need to buy. However, it never fails that I forget to buy something. I’ve discovered that it’s handy to have last minute gift ideas close by to grab when I need a gift that I forgot to purchase. I’m here with a quick and easy gift idea for someone in your life that loves to be in the kitchen, and we are going to dress it up with the Mini Bowdabra!


  • Potholder
  • Various small kitchen gadgets that will fit inside the potholder
  • Mini Bowdabra
  • Bowdabra bow wire
  • Silver wired ribbon

last minute gift idea


Place the kitchen utensils in the potholder pocket. Use the Bowdabra bow wire to wrap around the potholder and secure it in place. Do not clip the ends of the bow wire. You’ll need them to help attach the bow.


Easy Homemade Holiday Gifts


Grab the Mini Bowdabra. Lay a piece of bow wire across. Use the silver wired ribbon to create a small bow.

Make inexpensive handmade Christmas gift


Make Gift-idea-bow


Place the bow over the loose ends of the bow wire that is wrapped around the pot holder. Use the loose ends to wrap around the center of the bow and secure it in place.

 Homemade Holiday Gifts


And that’s it! Tuck a fun gift tag inside or give as is. You can also place a gift card inside the potholder for an extra surprise!


Amazing Homemade Christmas Gift


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