Valentine guess how many candy jar

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! My husband is a youth minister, and this year he is in charge of the entertainment and prizes for the Valentine’s Banquet. Of course, no Valentine’s Banquet would be complete without a Valentine guess how many candy jar where everyone guesses how many SweetHeart candies are in a jar for a prize!

Valentine guess how many candy jar


DIY craft for Valentine's Day

Cut a piece of bow wire, approximately 8 inches. Lay it in the Mini Bowdabra and tuck the ends of the wire under the Mini Bowdabra.

DIY gifts for Valentine's Day

Lay a piece of ribbon in the Mini Bowdabra, leaving approximately 8″ tail.

how to make a bow

Fold the ribbon and insert it back through the Mini Bowdabra. My ribbon is one sided, so I twisted it slightly in the center so that the right side is always on the outside.

how to make a simple bow

Continue going back and forth, making loops, until the desired size bow is created.

how to make a cute bow

Use the scrunching tool to scrunch down the bow. Bring up the bow wire and tie.

how to make a designer bow

Pull the bow out of the Mini Bowdabra. Finish tying off the bow wire. Fluff the bow until it looks great. Tie on the mini chalkboard.

how to make a diy gift for valentine's day

Cut off the loose ends from all the wire and twine. Use the tails of the bow to tie around the jar.


make a diy gift for valentine's day


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