Simple DIY St. Patrick’s Day Pin – Video Tutorial

Now we’re going to make a really cute St. Patrick’s Day pin.

diy st patrick's day pin
The first thing I’m going to do is take my Bowdabra bow wire, I’ve already folded it in half, lay it down into my Bowdabra and kind of tuck the ends under so they stay out of the way. Then I’m going to take some green tulle and I am going to just scrunch this down so it’s centered into my Bowdabra.

This is just very simple to do. So we just keep scrunching, and I’ll just take my Bowdabra wand and push everything down into the Bowdabra. Then what I’m going to do is just take my ribbon—I’ve got some pieces of green ribbon that I’m just—these are sort of a silk ribbon, and I’m just going to lay this down into the Bowdabra.

And I have these cute little shamrock ribbons that I’ll lay down into the Bowdabra as well, and take some more of my green. And what’s cute about this bow is basically, you just use whatever ribbon you have available, and you can make it any color, and you have a pin for any holiday or event that you want to make a pin for.

And then I’ll just take these gold—gold beads, and lay those down in here. I will take my Bowdabra bow wire, and again, I have a slipknot. Just pull the two ends through my slipknot. Pull it very tight. Pull it out of the Bowdabra and just bring it around. Whoops! Bring it around to the back.

Get the beads out of the way here. But this is such a cute project because—now tie it up here, and then I’ll take my pin. Let me just open it to make sure I’m tying it onto the right side. So you want to tie it on the side that doesn’t open obviously. So I’ll just pull this through the pin and I will tie a knot. Knot it and then just tie a double knot.

And you have this adorable pin—whoops, I need to cut the ends. Wasn’t even thinking. So cut the ends of my wire. And you have this adorable little pin.

Simple DIY St. Patrick’s Day Pin Video Tutorial:

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