Doggie Collar Bow – Video Tutorial

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Watch ‪Sandy Sandler‬, the creator of the ‪Bowdabra‬, create really cute and adorable Dog Collar Bow. This video DIY tutorial is quick and easy to make.

Doggie Collar Bow: Video Tutorial

I love making bows for my dog and also for friends’ dogs. So this bow is going to be a really cute little puppy bow. So what I’m going to do here is I’m going to fold my Bowdabra bow wire in half and lay it down into the mini Bowdabra.

Then I have a really pretty piece of pink heart tulle, and I’m just going to scrunch that down into the Bowdabra, or the mini Bowdabra. And once I get that in, I’m going to take my wand and just scrunch everything down.

Then I have another really pretty pink ribbon, that’s pink polka dot, and I’m just going to scrunch this down in, keeping aware that I want to make sure my polka dots, you can see them. And then I have this wonderful pearl ribbon that I’m going to scrunch in on top.

Then I’m taking my mini Bowdabra wand and just going to push everything down. And now I take my Bowdabra bow wire and pull it through the slipknot like we do for all of our bows, separate the ends and bring it around to the back.

And what I’m going to do is I took a piece of elastic, and I’m just going—so I can put it onto the collar, and then just going to tie off the bow onto my elastic so it will be really easy to slip on and off the puppy’s collar. I think I need to put one more knot on there.

And then I’ll just cut the ends and you have this really cute little bow for your puppy.

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