Fireworks dog bow tutorial

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This little korker fireworks dog bow makes me think of the colorful fireworks that they set off every year in the park. I made mine in red, white, and blue but it would look cute in any color. You can easily make korker ribbons out of scrap ribbon you have hanging around so it costs practically nothing! And it is so easy and fun to dress your furry friend up for the holiday.

This bow uses an elastic loop to slide onto your pup’s collar so you can make more than one and change them around. This July 4th your pet will be dressed to the nines with his korker fireworks dog bow.


  • 3/8” or ¼” wide grosgrain ribbon in your choice of colors
  • Mini Bowdabra bow maker with hair bow tool and ruler attachment
  • Bowdabra bow wire
  • Dowels
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Home oven and cookie sheet lines with foil
  • 3/8” wide elastic 3” long for small collar but you can adjust size for other sizes
  • Stiffened felt circle ½’ diameter
  • Stiffened felt rectangle ¾” x 1”
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Small sparkle pompom


  1. Make the korker ribbon. Wind the ribbon around a dowel and hold at the ends with wooden clothespins. (You can alternately tie the ribbon at the ends) Place on a cookie sheet lined with foil. Heat in the oven at 275 degrees for 20 minutes. Let cool for 10 minutes before removing.

Fireworks dog bow tutorial - 1

  1. Gather all your supplies.

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  1. Cut a piece of Bowdabra bow wire 18 inches long. Fold in half and insert into the bow maker. You will have a loop on one side and two loose wires on the other.

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  1. Cut the korker ribbon pieces 5 inches long. Cut 6 ribbon pieces. I cut two each of red, white, and blue.

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  1. Insert the korker pieces into the bow maker one at a time alternating colors. Make sure there is the same amount of ribbon on each side.

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  1. After you have added all the colors, scrunch down with the Bowdabra wand.

Fireworks dog bow tutorial - 9

  1. Insert the two loose wires through the loop and pull tight to make a slipknot while the bow is still in the bow maker.

Fireworks dog bow tutorial - 10

  1. Remove from the Bowdabra and tie a knot in the back.

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  1. Cut a ½” diameter circle from stiffened felt and use the hot glue gun to attach to the back of the bow. Cut a 3/8” x 3” long piece of elastic and hot glue it to the back of the bow in a loop for sliding on the collar.

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  1. Add a small sparkle pompom to the center of the bow. Slide on to your pet’s collar.

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We hope you enjoyed this quick and easy fireworks dog bow tutorial.  For more quick and easy crafts and recipes visit Bowdabra designer Crystal at her blog, Make it easy crafts, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin and G+.


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