Summer Flip Flop Fun for Everyone

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here with my first post I’ve created a Summer Flip Flop fun project for everyone.  The Bowdabra makes creating bows lots of fun and so easy you could spend lots of creative time with your friends and family creating an endless number of bows.

This week marks the start of summer camp and what better way to send a special girl off in style than with her very own decorative flip flops.  I guarantee no one will have the same pair and she will stand out from the crowd!  Who doesn’t love to dress up for summer?

flip flop fun

Starting with Bowdabra Bow Wire,   I placed it in the Mini Bowdabra.  This will be used to tie the bow when the loops are finished.

bowdabra flip flops


Using 1/2″ wide ribbon, I cut a length approximately 6″ long then began making my bow, inserting the ribbon in the center then twisting it as I created each loop.  Twisting ensures that the single sided ribbon will be in the correct direction once the bow is finished.

Bowdabra fun with flip flops

As I created the bow, I used the Bowdabra Wand  to push the loops into the Mini Bowdabra.

fun with flip flops


Pulling up on the bow wire I pulled the bow out of the Mini Bowdabra and pulled it tightly.  Then I pulled the wire to the back and tied it tightly.

Bowdabra ribbon


Finally, I tied the bows to the flip flops and added flowers as decorative elements.

flip flops with ribbon

Aren’t they cute?  Can’t you see yourself wearing these flip flops this summer?

Thanks for stopping by.  Lastly, please visit Bowdabra blog again for more easy tutorials and as always we’d love to hear your comments!



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