Quick and easy Bowdabra centerpiece

I’m really happy to share this project with you. I am sharing a quick,  easy Bowdabra centerpiece that was made super easy because Bowdabra® gives you that helping hand you need to make your bows look amazing!!

quick easy bowdabra centerpiece

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Hello, Chris here and this is my very first post as a new Bowdabra® design team member.

Quick,easy Bowdabra centerpiece

For this quick and easy project, you will need the following:

  • Mini Bowdabra®
  • Bowdabra® Hair Bow Tool
  • Bowdabra® Bow Wire
  • twine (I used about 5 feet for this)
  • a clean mason jar
  • candy to fill the jar

quick, easy bowdabra centerpiece

You start off by cutting a piece of Bowdabra® Bow Wire about 18 inches long, fold it in half, place in the center of the Mini Bowdabra® and tuck the ends of the wire under. Now you start with the twine. Add a tail and then start making loops, I wanted my loops of twine to be about 2 inches each so the Bowdabra® Hair Bow Tool is great to keep your loops even. I have 5 loops on each side of my bow, you can add more or less depending on the look you want. Don’t forget you tail of twine on the other side of your bow too.

quick, easy bowdabra centerpiece

Now simply grab the Bowdabra® wire ends, place the open “tails” of wire through the “loop” of wire and pull it tight around your twine bow as it comes out of the Mini Bowdabra®….look at your cool bow!!!

quick, easy bowdabra centerpiece

Fill your empty jar with some candy, I used kisses because the weather here was great and I knew they wouldn’t melt. You can use any candy that works with your theme or colors. You really could use just about anything…trail mix for a camping party would be great!

quick, easy bowdabra centerpiece

With the tails of the Bowdabra®, wire ties your bow to the lid of the jar…TA-DA….a quick and easy centerpiece done!! Your guests can also take them home as a Thank You gift too!!!

quick, easy bowdabra centerpiece

Go to and buy the awesome Bowdabra® supplies I used today. You really will be glad you did!!


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