Easily make this sweet Queen of hearts dog bow

Queen of hearts dog bow

Don’t just dress yourself this Halloween, Dress your pet as well with this adorable queen of hearts dog bow! Hi everyone! Tammy here with you today with a fun Halloween themed pet harness tutorial. I love Halloween and I also love dressing up my little dog in a fun Halloween themed collar. I decided to do an Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts theme this year because they just released a new Alice in Wonderland film.

Supplies I used:


Mini Bowdabra

Gold Bowdabra wire


Plastic heart gems

Glue Dots

Dog harness

Ruffle trim

Lets make the queen of hearts dog bow



Start by cutting a piece of the Bowdabra wire about 18 inches and folding it in half. Then, place it inside the Bowdabra, and fold it around the edges to keep it out of the way.


Next, loop the ruffle ribbon in two loops inside of the Bowdabra and pull the wire into a slip knot. Now, pull it tight and wrap it around the center. Then secure it in the back with a double knot.


Attach the small bow to the dog harness with the Bowdabra wire.


Add strips of tulle to the harness by attaching with a knot or slip knot. Then, attach the plastic gems with Glue dots.


In addition, I had some playing card style embellishments that I added with more Glue Dots for decoration.


How cute is the harness on my Abby! And, t’s so comfortable that she doesn’t even know it’s not her regular harness. I really like how easy the Bowdabra was to use to make the small bows. I also like that it is a one of a kind Halloween Queen of hearts dog bow themed pet harness.

And I hope this gives you some unique ideas on how to decorate your pet harness or collar for Halloween with the Mini Bowdabra.

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