Office wreath decor with the Bowdabra

Hi everyone, Steph  here today sharing how easy office wreath decor can be with the Bowdabra.

As our office space is generally neutral or lacking in personality, it’s always fun to add your own personal touches.  Using the Bowdabra, you can create a wreath personalized for your taste and your office.

office wreath decor

I wanted to create a simple wreath as  I don’t have a lot of space in my office.  Starting with a grapevine wreath, I created a bow using canvas ribbon.

Begin by placing Gold Bow Wire in the Bowdabra.  Fold the Bow Wire under the Bowdabra so it’s out of your way.  Determine the size of the bow loops you want then start adding ribbon to the Bowdabra, twisting the ribbon on each turn.

Bowdabra office wreath

As canvas ribbon is thicker than normal ribbon, use the Bowdabra Wand to push the loops down.

Office Decorating with Bowdabra

Finish your office wreath decor bow

When the bow is finished, pull up on the Bow Wire and tie off.

Office decorating with Bowdabra

Use the remaining Bow Wire to tie the bow to the wreath.


Fluff up the bow and hang in your office.


Thanks for stopping by today.





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