How to easily make removable sparkle shoe bows

removable sparkle shoe bows

You can easily make these adorable and removable sparkle shoe bows for all your holiday events and parties.

This year while on vacation in Bermuda as I saw gorgeous shoes with beautiful sparkle shoe bows in a high-end store. Believe me the price would knock you down. With Bowdabra mini bow maker you can make your own knock-off shoes with sparkle show bows–and the bows are removable so you can wear them on or off and put them on any of your shoes.

These bows make up very quickly with the Bowdabra and they even do double duty as a hair bow as well. I made my bows large with 1 ½” sized ribbon but you can switch it up with a 1” ribbon for a smaller bow.

Lets make the sparkle shoe bows



  1. First gather your supplies. Next cut an 18” piece of Bowdabra bow wire. Then fold it in half and insert into the Bowdabra. You will have a loop on one side and two loose wires on the other.

Make sparkle shoe bows

Bowdabra bow wire

  1. After you insert the bow wire, cut a piece of 1 ½” sheer wired ribbon 12 inches long. Then fold it in half to find the center and insert with the wrong side facing up into the Bowdabra.

sparkle shoe bows

Create sparkle shoe bows

  1. Now fold the ribbon to make a loop on one side and insert the end into the Bowdabra.

Easily make sparkle shoe bows

  1. Then make a matching loop on the other side.

Beautiful sparkle shoe bows

  1. Finally, scrunch down with the Bowdabra wand.

sparkle shoe bows for holidays

  1. Finish by inserting the two loose wires through the loop and pull tight while the bow is still in the Bowdabra. Then remove from the bow maker, turn to the back and tie a knot.

Gorgeous sparkle shoe bows

Bowdabra sparkle shoe bows

  1. Meanwhile, using the glue gun cover the alligator clip with the 3/8” grosgrain ribbon all around.

Bowdabra bows

Make Bowdabra sparkle shoe bows

  1. Cut the excess wires. Add some bling like a rhinestone or something similar to the front center of bow with the glue gun. Now turn to the back of the bow and use the glue gun to attach the alligator clip. And be sure you attach the clip facing down so that it will attach to the shoe front.

How to make sparkle shoe bows

Pretty sparkle shoe bows

  1. Finish by fluffing and adjusting the bow, and attach to your favorite shoes.

Handmade sparkle shoe bows

Easily make removable sparkle shoe bows

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