How to make a stunning Bowdabra Decorative Watering Can

What do you do when the snow piles up and you can’t leave the house?   Well, I head to my craft room.  Hi everyone, Steph  here today with a Bowdabra decorative watering can.

DIY tutorial Bowdabra decorative watering can

Begin by cutting approximately 18″ of Bowdabra Gold Wire, then folding it underneath the Mini Bowdabra so it is out of your way while you create the bow.

bow making tools

I wanted my loops to be 2″, so I placed the Mini Bowdabra Hair Bow Ruler on top.  The Ruler allowed me to create perfectly even loops.

bow making tool

Using 1″ wired ribbon, I started by leaving  a 6″ length of ribbon, then proceeded to create 3 sets of loops, each 2″, following the Ruler settings.

how to make a ribbon bow

Selecting a smaller sheer ribbon, I folded it to create 3 loops and inserted it in the Mini Bowdabra.

how to make bows with ribbon

I used the wand to push the ribbon loops down, then pulled up on the gold wire and tied off tightly.

ribbon bow making

Place a Smoothfoam ball in the watering can.   Glue floral shred to the Smoothfoam ball then insert a variety of flowers.  to fill in the spaces around the flowers, cut strips of ribbon then use straight pins to pin the ribbon strands around the flowers.

Bowdabra decorative watering can - bow making tool

Finishing your Bowdabra decorative watering can

Use the bow wire to tie the bow to the watering can handle, then fluff out both sets of bows.  Use a pick to twirl the excess wire and form it around the bow.

It may be winter, but this project has gotten me thinking of spring.  What do you think of my Bowdabra decorative watering can?

Thanks for stopping by today.


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