Make a Unique Valentine Wall Hanging to Warm Your Heart

This unique wall hanging decoration will warm the hearts of all your Valentines and brighten your home. After the flurry of activity during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, it’s time to thing about Valentine’s Day decorating. This wall hanging will create a splash of color for your home decor.

how to make DIY Wall hanging cheer bows

Supplies for the Wall Hanging

  • Bowdabra
  • Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter
  • One 18″ length of Bowdabra bow wire
  • One 12″ length of Bowdabra bow wire
  • One 6′ 6″ length of 1½” grosgrain ribbon
  • One 18″ length of 6″ tulle
  • Eight 21″ lengths of 1″ satin ribbon
  • Two 8½”x11″ pieces of felt
  • Quick drying liquid adhesive
  • Patterns for the hearts

Instructions for Creating the Wall Hanging

Cut your lengths of ribbon with the Proxxon Hot Wire cutter to seal the edges and prevent fraying. Alternatively, quickly pass the cut end through a flame to seal the edges.

Cut hearts out of the felt, cutting through two layers of felt at once so that you end up with two identical hearts in each pattern. I made paper templates of seven different heart shapes, arranged them on the felt, and traced the to make DIY cheer bows - diy valentines

Next, sandwich one of the 21″ lengths of satin ribbon between two  matching hearts using a quick drying liquid adhesive. Be generous with the adhesive; the felt really sucks it up.

Bow Making Tutorials - simple valentine crafts

While the hearts are drying, create the focal point bow for your Valentine wall hanging. Start by folding the 18″ length of wire in half and laying it in the Bowdabra. You can tuck the ends under the Bowdabra so they are out of the way.bowdabra bow maker

Using the 1½” grosgrain ribbon create a bow with four 4″ loops on each side. how to make a diy gifts for valentine

Next, scrunch the length of tulle into the Bowdabra on top of the grosgrain ribbon.bow making tools

The last layer of the bow uses one length of the 21″ satin ribbon, and has two loops on each side. You’ll notice that the tulle is a bit narrower that the grosgrain loops, and the satin loops are a bit narrower than the tulle to make a bow

Finishing your bow

To finish the bow, while the ribbons are still in the Bowdabra, insert the loose ends of the bow wire through the wire loop, and pull tightly. Lift the bow out of the Bowdabra, bring the ends of the wire to the back of the bow, and tie a firm knot. Fluff out the bow.

Align your hearts. I wanted mine at different lengths. how to make a bow - Valentine Wall HangingSecurely tie the ends of the hearts’ ribbons with the 12″ length of bow wire about 2″ from the end of the shortest ribbon.

Use the end of the wire on the hearts to attach them to the front of the focal point bow. Allow the loose ends of the ribbon to drape over the front of the bow.How to make wall hanging bows for valentines

Enjoy your Valentine’s wall hanging!!how to make professional bows - Wall Hanging Valentine

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