How to make a beautiful, fun patriotic wreath

fun patriotic wreath

Hi everyone! Tammy here with you today with this fun patriotic wreath tutorial to celebrate President’s Day! It is really easy to make with the Mini Bowdabra, here is how I made mine…

Fun patriotic wreath


Mini Bowdabra

Silver Bowdabra wire

Foam wreath form

Blue and white ribbon

Red and white ribbon

Silver star garland

Silver star embellishments

Glue Dots adhesive


Cut an 18″ piece of silver Bowdabra wire and fold in half and wrap around the ends of the Mini Bowdabra to keep out of your way as you work.

Wrap ribbon to make 3 complete loops about 9 inches wide.

Pinch in the center

Place inside of the Mini Bowdabra.

Pull the Bowdabra wire into a slip knot and pull tight.

Tie a double knot to secure the center of the bow.

Pull the loops apart and fluff the bow. I used satin ribbon but I recommend wired ribbon for this step.

Place some Glue Dots adhesive on the wreath form and secure the beginning of your ribbon to it.

Wrap the red and white ribbon around 3/4 of the wreath form.

Add the blue and wire dot ribbon around the remainder of the form.

Attach the bow to the wreath with the Bowdabra wire.

Wrap silver star garland around the blue and white area of the wreath as shown.

Add additional star embellishments with Glue Dots.

Create a hanging loop for the wreath from a piece of silver star garland.

Hang your wreath and enjoy!  I hope this tutorial has given you some creative ideas on how to use your Mini Bowdabra to create beautiful decor for your home!

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