How to make a fun, festive planner tassel with Bowdabra

Hi everyone! Tammy with you today with an easy tutorial on how to make a  fun, festive planner tassel. The tassels are so easy to make with the Mini Bowdabra. Here is how I made this one…

festive planner tassel


Mini Bowdabra

Bowdabra wire



Heat source to seal ribbon

Key chain attachment


Cut 18 inches of Bowdabra wire and fold in half.

Place inside of Mini Bowdabra as shown, wrapping it around the side to keep out of the way while you work.

Cut ribbon in 7″ pieces and heat seal ends. I used 24 pieces for my tassel.

Place ribbons in Mini Bowdabra as shown.

Bring Bowdabra wire up into a slip knot and tighten around center of ribbon stack.

Tie wire into a double knot to secure.

Finishing your festive planner tassel

Double knot additional wire around the top as shown to secure the ribbon into a tassel form.

Tie and double knot wire from the top of the tassel to key chain and cut any extra wire off.

festive planner tassel

Attach tassel to your planner of choice and enjoy! Adding an initial charm is a wonderful extra embellishment. I love how this fun, festive planner  tassel looks on my planner and even on my purse! I hope this tutorial has given you some ideas how to use your Mini Bowdabra to make cute accessories for your planners :)

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