Sweet Easter Treat Holders you can make with Bowdabra

Hi everyone, Steph here today with some sweet Easter Treat Holders with Bowdabra.

Sweet Treat Holders with Bowdabra

Bowdabra Bow Making and Design Tool
Bowdabra Gold Wire
1 1/4″ wide sheer Ribbon
Beacon Adhesive
Pattern paper treat holder

Sweet Easter Treat Holders easter gift idea

Cut an 18″ length of Bow Wire, fold in half and place in the Bowdabra.  Leaving a 4″ length of ribbon, place the ribbon in the Bowdabra.   Fold the ribbon creating a 2″ loop.  Twist the ribbon and place it in the channel.

bow making tools

Continue creating loops so you have 3 bow loops on each side.  Next, pull up on the bow wire and insert the bow wire into the loop and tie off.  Fluff up the bow.

how to make ribbon bow ribbon bow making

Repeat with the second ribbon.

easter bow making toolbow maker

Finishing your Easter treat holders

Create the treat containers from pattern paper and decorate with die cuts and stamps.

Place assorted Easter candy in plastic bags then use the bow wire to tie a bow to each.

To create spirals with the left over bow wire, wrap the bow wire around a pick and gently release.

easter craft idea easter gift ideas

These are perfect little treats to give family and friends.

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