How to make a Spectacular Bow for your pet’s Easter Basket

Here’s an easy way to decorate your pet’s Easter basket with a spectacular bow.

Pet's Easter basket

Supplies for pet’s Easter Basket BowSupplies

This is a great bow to use random ends of leftover ribbons. You can mix satin and grosgrain ribbons, and use a variety of colors.

Instructions for Making the Bow

  1. Cut your ribbons to the appropriate lengths. I used the Proxxon Thermocut which cuts the ribbon and seals the ends in one step. Alternatively, you can use scissors, then pass the ribbon ends through a flame to seal the ends.Cutting Ribbon with Proxxon Thermocut
  2. Insert the bow wire into the Mini Bowdabra. Fold the wire in half, and tuck the ends under the Mini Bowdabra.Wire in Place in Bowdabra
  3. Fold the length of tulle into thirds so you have a piece that measures 4″ x 16″. Scrunch the tulle into the Mini Bowdabra.Scruching Tulle in Mini Bowdabra
  4. Next, layer the ribbons in the Mini Bowdabra, starting with the widest ribbon and ending with the narrowest. Make one loop on each side of the Mini Bowdabra.
  5. When all the ribbons are in place, use the Mini Bowdabra wand to compress them into the Mini Bowdabra. (Note: I found I was more successful with this bow if I compressed the ribbons periodically as I was making the bow as well as the final compression.)Compressing Ribbons with Mini Bowdabra Wand
  6. Secure the bow with the bow wire. Bring the ends of the wire through the loop, and tighten.Securing Bowdabra Wire
  7. Bring the wire ends to the back of the bow, and tie a knot.Tieing Wire on Reverse Side of Bow
  8. Use these wire ends to tie the bow to the Easter basket. Then, bring the ends to the front of the bow, and knot.Bow Tied to Basket
  9. Coil the wire around a skewer or round pencil. I love these little coils as an added design element.Coiling Ends of WireCoiled Bowdabra Wire

Your pet’s Easter basket is ready to fill with special goodies just for them.Fur baby's Easter basket

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