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How to make Healthy Frozen Dog Treats


There is nothing better than Homemade Healthy treats for your Dog.

Vivee, my husky, loves when I make these yummy and super healthy Frozen Dog Treats.

Simple Healthy DIY pet Treat

Start with either chopped up or sliced apples and/or Chicken.

Then place them in your ice cube trays, or sometimes I use plastic cups that i can peel away from the treat when I give them to Vivee.

Once you have filled up the trays, I cover them apples and/or chicken with chicken broth.
Since onions and garlic are not safe for dogs, I am very careful with which brand I use, or i will even make the broth from scratch.

Vivee and I are having so much time getting away from the heat of Las Vegas in Vail,Co. Vivee loves hiking and cooling off in Gore Creek and the mountain streams.

And when we get back from our hikes, Vivee loves her Chicken or apple ice cubes!!


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