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How to Make the Perfect Pink Fairy Halloween Wand

Fairies and princesses are popular Halloween costumes for the younger ones. This pink fairy Halloween wand is the perfect costume accessory.Pink Fairy Halloween Wand

Supplies for the Halloween WandSupplies for Halloween Wand

  • 14″ length 1″ satin ribbon
  • 27″ length ½” satin ribbon
  • Four 6″ to 10″ lengths of coordinating 1/8″ satin ribbon
  • Two 4″ x 8½” lengths of white tulle
  • One 10″ skewer or 1/8″ dowel rod
  • Mini Bowdabra
  • 15″ length Bowdabra bow wire
  • Hot glue and glue gun

Instructions for Making the Halloween Wand

  1. Cut ribbons to appropriate lengths, and quickly pass the ribbon ends through a flame to seal the ends.
  2. Prepare the wand handle:
    • Glue the skewer or dowel rod diagonally at the end of the 1″ wide ribbon.Position Skewer on Ribbon
    • When the glue is dry, trim the excess ribbon.Cut Excess Ribbon from Tip
    • Spiral wrap the ribbon around the skewer to the end. Glue the end of the ribbon in place.Spiral Wrap Ribbon Around Skewer
  3. Fold the 15″ length of Bowdabra bow wire in half and place in the Mini Bowdabra. You can tuck the ends under the Mini Bowdabra so they are out of the way.Bow Wire in Mini Bowdabra
  4. Individually, scrunch each piece of tulle into the Mini Bowdabra.Tulle in Mini Bowdabra
  5. Leaving a 3″ to 3½” tail add the ½” satin ribbon to the Mini Bowdabra.Leave Tail for Three Loop Bow
  6. Make a bow with three loops on each side, ending with another ribbon tail.Three Loop Bow in Mini Bowdabra
  7. Add the short lengths of coordinating ribbon to the Mini Bowdabra.Add short Ribbons to Mini Bowdabra
  8. Compress the ribbons in the Mini Bowdabra with the Mini Bowdabra Wand.Compress Ribbons in Mini Bowdabra
  9. With the ribbons still in the Mini Bowdabra, pass the ends of the bow wire through the loop, and tighten. Tie the wire with a secure knot.Securing Bow Wire
  10. To coil the bow wire, wrap it around a skewer, knitting needle, or dowel.Coiling Bow Wire
  11. Fluff the bow.Finished Bow for Halloween Wand
  12. Attach the bow to the end of the ribbon-wrapped skewer with hot glue.Hot Glue Bow to Halloween Wand
  13. Hold the wand at arm’s length, and gently tip the bow forward when casting spells.

After you’ve made your adorable pink Halloween wand why not make a costume for the pooch as well.  Check out this easy doggie bumble bee costume video tutorial from Bowdabra!


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