Amazing Holiday Bows in Minutes with the help of Bowdabra

You can make amazing Holiday bows in minutes with the help of Bowdabra bow maker.  Watch Sandy Sandler on Wednesday’s each week for her Facebook live tutorials!

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Amazing Holiday Bows

Amazing holiday bows with Bowdabra

Sandy Sandler, the Creator of the Bowdabra, shows some really quick and easy ways to decorate your homes and make great gifts for the holidays. Bowdabra is the most amazing tool that helps anyone make beautiful hand-tied bows!

Whether you make regular large bows with mesh and ribbon, bows with flowered ribbons, or scrunchy ribbon in any of three colors – Sandy takes you through an amazing step by step demonstration. And best of all it’s as easy as 1-2-3 using the Large Bowdabra Bowmaking and Design Tool.

After she makes the bow, she uses the Bowdabra Wand to scrunch down all the material into the  Bowdabra.  You can follow along as she makes smart twists and delightful loops.

Finishing the bows are always perfect.  She ties the bows up with the strong but flexible Bowdabra Bow Wire.

You will absolutely love to make these easy but awesome bows with your Bowdabra bow maker.

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Holiday Bows in Minutes with the help of Bowdabra

  • Minnie

    Just got my Bowdabra. But my bows look awful. Don’t know how much ribbon I should use for a wreath bow? Do I precut the ribbon to the desired length before I start to make the bow? Any tips for fluffing would be appreciated.

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