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How to make a poinsettia bow for the most beautiful package decoration

This Christmas why not decorate your packages with a beautiful Bowdabra poinsettia bow?  Bowdabra designer Gail shows you just how easy and fun the poinsettia bow is to make.

Don’t stop with packages though, these poinsettia bows would look equally awesome on a Christmas tree!

Bowdabra poinsettia bow

Materials Needed:

2.5″ Ribbon
Bowdabra Bow Wire
Double End Berries


Cut a strip of Bowdabra Bow Wire 18″ long and place into the Bowdabra, tucking ends under. Next, cut 5 strips of ribbon, 8 inches long.

Group all five ribbon strips together, and on one side end, cut off at an angle to center.
Repeat for opposite side to make a point.

poinsettia bow

poinsettia bow


Repeat on the opposite end, so you have two pointed ends on each of the five strips.
Take one strip and make a fold crease in the center and . . . fold down sides from the crease.  This is called a double down crease. Hold crease and place down into the Bowdabra. Repeat for each of the remaining four ribbon pieces, spreading each one apart.
Scrunch down using the Bowdabra wand.

poinsettia bow

poinsettia bow

Finishing the Poinsettia bow

While the bow is still in the Bowdabra, push the loose end of the bow wire into the loop at the other end, pulling tightly and gently removing.
Take the wires around to the back, tying in a knot and cutting off excess.
Wrap double end berries around the center for a lovely effect. Fluff and arrange the poinsettia bow. Attach to wrapped package or use in home décor or add a pin for clothing!

If you loved the poinsettia bow you and you are looking for a great Christmas gift for your favorite little girl, check the JoJo inspired bow tutorial today.

Visit the designer Gail at her blog Purple Hues and meFacebook, and Pinterest for more of her awesome craft tutorials!


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  • Deborah Newberry

    I am confused after the directions to dove tail both ends of the ribbon. I wish there were pictures of that part as well. I am just a beginner at making bows and using the bowdabra, so it confused me. If you can add some pictures I would be forever grateful…if not, have a great day. Thanks for sharing but like I said, I am confused so can’t go any further.

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