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How to make a fun, festive dog bow for the holidays

Did you know that Bowdabra is like having an extra set of hands when making bows? You can quickly and easily make a fun, festive dog bow for the holidays for your pet.

It is so easy and so quick that you will want to make a whole wardrobe of festive dog bows for every season of the year. This one is great for Christmas, but you can change the colors and make a festive dog bow for any season.

If you are a dog groomer, Bowdabra is an invaluable tool to inexpensively make cute bows for any size dog.

how to make a dog bow

Fun, festive dog bow



  1. First, gather your supplies. Cut a piece of 2 ½” wired Christmas ribbon 20 inches long. Seal the ends by running a lighter quickly across.

Festive Bow for Dog

  1. Next, Cut a piece of Bow wire 18” long. Fold it in half and insert into the Bowdabra. Tuck the ends under the Bowdabra to keep out of the way while you make your bow.

bow making kit

  1. Fold the ribbon in half to find the center. If your ribbon has print on only one side insert into the Bowdabra wrong side up.

how to make a dog bow

How to make crafts for pets

  1. Make a loop and bring the ends around and under. Then, insert the end into the Bowdabra.

how to make a designer dog bow

  1. Now, bring the other end across the first loop and insert that end under the first loop and into the Bowdabra. It will look like you’ve made an X.

designer dog bow

  1. Next, insert the bottom ribbon loop into the Bowdabra. Repeat with the top loop. You have formed the bow. Now make sure the loops on both sides are even.