How to Make Last Minute Holiday Gifts and Great Bows With Bowdabra

Learn how to make amazing last minute holiday gifs and wraps, wreaths, bottle wrappings and more in this hugely watched Facebook Live on December 13, by Sandy Sandler, creator of the Bowdabra.  Follow along as Sandy makes adorable last minutes gifts your friends and family will love!

how to make Last minute holiday gifts

Sandy demonstrates how to decorate a live wreath and create a phenomenal hostess gift which is actually meant to be a centerpiece. She uses the Bowdabra Bow Wire and pieces of fabric and beads crunched into the Mini Bowdabra and tied together.

Right after this is an innovative gift – a pepper flavored oil, which Sandy makes live on the show by putting in dried chili peppers in a bottle and adding oil. And then she decorates the bottle with a cute golden scrunchy bow made with the Bowdabra.

Next, she uses golden ribbons to create a teacher’s gift basket with simple and easy bows and decorations, shaping it as she works to fluff it nicely later and adding some Christmas picks. Its as easy as a breeze but looks gorgeous and expensive.

Using celebratory ribbons. Sandy shows you how to decorate large gift baskets and turning them into sparkling, glittering adorable gifts.

How to Make Last Minute Holiday Gifts and Great Bows with bowdabra tool

Helpful tip: Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome gift wraps in minutes:

* Large Bowdabra
* Mini Bowdabra
* Bowdabra Wand
* Bowdabra Bow Wire
* A selection of ribbons – Srunchy Ribbons, Holiday ribbons, scrap ribbons, celebratory ribbons, wired ribbons
* Live wreath
* Christmas Pegs

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