How to Make a Winter Hat Pop with a Hair Bow

There’s no getting around it—hats are a requirement in harsh winter weather. But, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon all those cute hair bows. Make that winter hat pop with a removable hair bow. Use the bow to jazz up a knitted hat, and when you’re inside, remove the bow from the hat, and clip in your hair. Make this fun, winter hat and hair bow, Easy, peasy.Winter hat and hair bow

Supplies for the Winter Hat with Hair BowSupplies

  • 18″ length Bowdabra bow wire
  • 8″ length ½” grosgrain ribbon
  • Two 4″ length ½” grosgrain ribbon
  • 36″ length 1″ patterned grosgrain ribbon
  • Mini Bowdabra
  • Alligator style hair clip
  • Bauble or jewel for center of bow (optional)

Instructions for Making the Winter Hat and Hair Bow

  1. Cut ribbons to appropriate lengths. Next, cut dovetail ends on all of the 4″ and 8″ lengths of grosgrain by folding the ribbon in half lengthwise and cutting away the tip at an angle. Cut arrow point ends on the patterned ribbon. Quickly pass the ribbon ends through a flame to seal the ends.
  2. Fold the Bowdabra bow wire in half and place in the Mini Bowdabra.Bow Wire in Mini Bowdabra
  3.  Tuck the wire ends under the Mini Bowdabra so they are out of the way.Bow Wire Tucked Under Mini Bowdabra
  4. Make a fold-and-twist bow with the 36″ length of patterned ribbon with four loops on each side of the Mini Bowdabra.Eight Loop Bow with Patterned Ribbon
  5. Place the two 4″ lengths of grosgrain ribbon in the Mini Bowdabra, followed by a two-loop bow made with the 8″ length.Two Ribbon Tails and Two Loop Bow
  6. Compress the ribbons in the Mini Bowdabra with the Mini Bowdabra wand.Compress Ribbons in Mini Bowdabra
  7. With the ribbons still in the Bowdabra, pass the ends of the bow wire through the loop, and tighten.Pass Wire Ends through Loop
  8. Tie a secure knot on the reverse side of the bow. Leave the wire end long to attach the hair clip. Thread the wire up through one opening on the hair clip and down through the other. Tie the clip in place with a secure knot.Thread Wire End through Hair Clip
  9. To attach the bow to your knitted winter hat, gently thread the clip through spaces between the stitches.Clip Bow to Hat
  10. Enjoy the winter weather with your new hat!!Finished Hat with Removable Bow

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