How to create an easy and elegant Mardi Gras centerpiece

If you want to your décor to fit a Mardi Gras themed party then you will love this elegant Mardi Gras centerpiece.   This centerpiece is so easy and quick to put together. Add an adorable Bowdabra bow and you will be sure to enjoy all the compliments from your guests.

The Mardi Gras centerpiece looks lovely with the soft colors but you can easily change it up for darker and more sparkly colors for a bit more pizazz!

So let’s get started:

Mardi Gras Centerpiece

Mardi Gras centerpiece




  1. Begin by gathering all the materials you will need to make this craft.

Mardi Gras centerpiece

  1. Cut strips of tulle 12″ long.  Take 3 strips of tulle fold them in half and place the floral pin around them.

Mardi Gras centerpiece

  1. Place the pin into the Styrofoam ball.

Mardi Gras centerpiece

  1. Cut the looped end of the tulle.

Mardi Gras centerpiece

  1. Continue to add strips of tulle to the ball and pin them down.

Mardi Gras centerpiece

  1. Fill just the top half of the ball.

Mardi Gras centerpiece

  1. Place the tulle covered ball down into the Styrofoam planter.

Mardi Gras centerpiece

  1. To make the bow for the centerpiece cut 18″ of Bowdabra Bow Wire and fold it in half.  Place the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler onto the Mini Bowdabra place the wire inside.

  1. To make your bow place the ribbon at the 3″ mark.

10.  Make matching loops on each side and finish with a tail.

11.  Scrunch down with the Mini Bowdabra Bow Wand.

12.  Place the two wires through the loop.

13.  Pull the wire tightly.

14.  Remove the bow from the Mini Bowdabra and bring it around the back and knot.

15.  Fluff the bow and hot glue an embellishment on the front.  Spiral the remaining Bowdabra Bow Wire.

16.  Hot glue the bow to the front of the centerpiece.

17.  Your centerpiece is ready to be displayed.

Mardi Gras centerpiece

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