How to make a Pom-pom keychain with the amazing Bowdabra

Did you know that the Bowdabra not only helps you create amazing bows but is a fantastic tool for making a fun pom-pom keychain? In fact, pom-poms are all the rage these days and you can use them as handbag or backpack charms and so much more!

Once you start using the Bowdabra to make pom-poms you won’t be able to stop and will create pom-poms of all sizes!

Pom-pom keychain

Bowdabra Pom-pom keychain


Today we are going to make a pom-pom for a pom-pom keychain using our Mini Bowdabra. We’re going to make a little pom-pom, but you can definitely use the big Bowdabra and make a big pom-pom the exact same way. So, I’m starting with my yarn. I’m going to fold my yarn in half and I’m just going to lay that across my Mini Bowdabra, and I’m going to just tuck the ends, so it stays out of my way. Now I’m going to just, I’m just going to kind of put a little piece right here, so it stays. And now I’m just going to wrap the yarn.

(Wrap the yarn about 45 times around the Bowdabra)

Then I’m going to just clip my yarn and take my yarn, and the reason that I folded it in half is because now I have a slipknot. So, I’m just going to pull this through. I’m going to hold my yarn down while I pull this really, really tight. Then I’m going to take the ends and now take it out of the Bowdabra and bring this around here. And I’m going to just tie it.

(Tie and knot)

I’m just going to bring my scissors through here and clip.

(Repeat on the other side)

And then I’m going to take my yarn here and just pull it through. Come back over here and tie it off. Now you could make more loops if you want a thicker pom-pom, but I kind of like this one. And now I have a few loops that I missed. And I’m going to cut these the same length as my other strings. So, now, you have a really, really cute little pom-pom keychain.

Not only can you use the Bowdabra to make pom-poms but you can use it to make tassels as well!

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