How to Make a Ribbon Chapstick Holder

March is National Craft Month. Celebrate by creating this easy-to-make ribbon chapstick holder. You only need a couple supplies and basic sewing skills.Ribbon Chap Stick Holder

Supplies to Make the Ribbon Chap Stick HolderSupplies

  • 10″ length 1½” patterned grosgrain ribbon
  • 1 swivel clip
  • Thread to match your ribbon

Instructions for Making the Ribbon Chap Stick Holder

  1. Cut the ribbon to length. Pass the ends through a flame to seal them.
  2. Thread one end of the ribbon through the swivel clip.Thread Ribbon through Swivel Clip
  3. Turn up a ¼” hem, and press in place.Turn Quarter Inch Hem
  4. On the opposite end (bottom), turn up a 1″ hem and press in place.Turn One Inch Hem
  5. Stitch both hems.Stitch Hems
  6. Fold the bottom up toward the swivel end forming a 2¼” pocket.
  7. Stitch the pocket in place.Sew Pocket
  8. This is the direction that I stitched my chapstick holder.Stitching Diagram
  9. Never be without chapstick again!!Ribbon Chap Stick Holder

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