How to make customized Bookmarks with the Bowdabra

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here to show you how to create customized bookmarks with the Bowdabra.  Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a set of customized bookmarks?

Create a set of customized bookmarks for a special teacher or librarian or perhaps someone who still loves to read a good paperback book.

Customized Bookmarks

Mini Bowdabra Bow Making Tool
Bowdabra Bow Wire – Gold
Pattern paper

Customized bookmarks with Bowdabra

Use the Mini Bowdabra to create 2 small 3 looped bows.
Place the bow wire in the Bowdabra and fold it under the Bowdabra while you create the bows.  Place a 4″ tail in the channel.  Follow by placing the ribbon in the channel leaving a 2″ tail, then create 3 small loops.  Finish by pulling up on the bow wire and tie off.

Make a third bow in the same fashion, but this time, use scraps of ribbon instead.

Create bookmarks from cardstock and pattern paper.  Punch holes in the top of each bookmark.

Add the bows to the bookmarks by placing the bow wire through the center hole.  Run the bow wire back through a second hole and tie around the bow to secure.

Using a round tool, create spirals with the remaining bow wire to add dimension.

Which of your favorite teachers would enjoy some customized bookmarks?

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