5 Worry Free DIY Wedding Bows with the Bowdabra

Make Worry Free DIY Wedding projects including gorgeous hair bows, corsages, and bouquets without sew or hot glue with Sandy Sandler, Creator of the Bowdabra. It is so much fun to make elegant bows for all wedding occasions with the Bowdabra that anyone can do it in minutes. Sandy creates 5 amazingly beautiful, no sew DIY Wedding Bows, all within just half an hour.


Sandy takes two pieces of dovetailed cream ribbon and places them in the Mini Bowdabra, centered down. She scrunches a piece of tulle on the ribbon and tops the arrangement with some ribbon petals and small piece of Bowdabra Rhinestone Silver Mesh Ribbon. Fluffled out neatly with the ribbon shaped out like a flower, it turns out to be a really quick and easy bow you can wear as a hair bow or as corsage on your wrist or as a pin on your dress. It’s great for the Mother of the Bride or Prom.

hair bow making ideas


Sandy next takes up a project that will look great on a gift bag or you want to put something pretty in the bathroom for the wedding. Sandy rolls up a towel and wraps a leaf around it stuck with a glue dot.

Sandy next takes the Large Bowdabra and puts a pretty glittering ribbon piece, dovetailed on both ends, into the Bowdabra. She adds a larger piece of the same ribbon as a loopy bow over the ribbon piece and ties both up with the Bowdabra Bow Wire. Sandy attaches the beautiful bow to the wrapped towel with glue dot stuck on the fullest part of the leaf. And you have a very pretty decor item done in minutes which you can place in the guest room or in the bathroom during the wedding to make it look more elegant.

Beautiful decor gift bag


Sandy next takes several pieces of dovetailed cream patterned ribbon and places them one after the other in the Large Bowdabra. She adds a piece of beaded wired ribbon as a bow and adds another loopy bow to the arrangement with a long piece of patterned ribbon. Since all of them are various shades of cream and white with lovely patterns the bow starts to look resplendent.

By this time there is a whole lot of ribbon in the Large Bowdabra which can hold pretty much anything as its springs move accomodate everything. To finish off the project, Sandy adds a very pretty lace to the heap of loopy ribbon. Tied up with Bow Wire and fluffed out, it is strung to a crystal ball to make a lovely hanging decor item.

How to make hanging decor bow


Sandy starts with a piece of bright pink ribbon and adds a cute piece of lace on it, both dovetailed. She takes a ribbon piece which has patterned wedding bells on it and adds a piece of shear ribbon on top of it to make a double layered ribbon and makes a loop with it in the Bowdabra placed upside down. She adds a little white flower to the arrangement and ties up the bow. It makes a super simple corsage or a Mother of the Bride pin.


Sandy takes a beautiful wide lace, about three quarters of a yard in length. She puts three such pieces and adds bunches of flowers to the pile and a large violet flower. She scrunches in a long piece of sparkle tulle and follows it up with the decor ribbon she used in the earlier projects finished in this Live video tutorial for bow making. Tied up with all together, with a little ribbon wrapped around the flower sticks, it looks an ethereal bouquest with long lovely tails and lots of flowers.

Create amazing bouquet with Bowdabra tool


Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and bows in minutes:
* Large Bowdabra
* Bowdabra Wand
* Bowdabra Bow Wire
* Tulle in various colors
* Patterned ribbons
* A selection of ribbons and scraps of ribbons
* Rhinestone Silver Mesh
* Flowers

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