How to make a stunning back to school fashion hair bow

Save money and time on your back to school bows!  Watch Bowdabra designer, Christel Jules as she shows you how to make a stunning back to school fashion hair bow.

Bowdabra back to school fashion hair bow

Back to School Fashion Hair Bow

Materials Needed:

Bowdabra/Maquina de Bowdabra

Bowdabra Wire/Alambre Bowdabra

Grosgrain Ribbon/Cinta Grosgrain

Decorative Ribbon/Cinta Decorativa

Back to school personalized ribbon ( Optional ) /Cinta personalizada                                           de Back to School ( Opcional )




You can learn how to make a back to school fashion hair bow and stop paying top dollar for retail prices and limited selections.

Create these crisp, clean bows with Bowdabra and then attach them to hair ties, headbands, hair clips or other hair accessories great for back to school.

They can also serve as great bookmarks, cheerleading bows and can be worn on the wrist as bracelets.

Follow the step by step tutorial to learn how to make your own and be sure to comment down below as well as visit my page and blog at Silky Stems Design Studio for more tips and tricks to all things DIY.  I look forward to connecting with ALL of you creative enthusiasts!




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