Jazz up Bowdabra Bow Basics with Christel Jules

Discover super simple ways of #bowmaking. Watch designer Christel Jules on her Live to learn how to jazz up your wreath, table centerpiece and gift box with #Bowdabra #Bow Basics.


Christel begins the live session with a beautiful golden mesh and a gold ribbon. She inserts the silver mesh and ribbon in the Mini Bowdabra tool and makes a big loop with twist-and-turn method. She makes more loops with the layered ribbon and mesh in the same manner, with each loop the same size as the previous one.

Finishing the beautiful bow with a one last button loop, smaller than the rest, she pulls it out and cuts the ends at a desirable length and angle to leave the tails. Afterwards, she ties it all up with the Bowdabra bow wire and shapes up the bow by spreading the loops for a flowery look. The tails are cut at angles and given a twirl to make the bow more attractive. The beautiful bow jazzes up a basic wreath.


Christel cuts a piece of Bowdabra silver scrunchy ribbon and scrunches it in the Bowdabra. Next, she scrunches a Bowdabra gold scrunchy ribbon above the silver one. And,  as the last addition, she inserts a tissue paper over the scrunchy ribbons. The tissue paper gives a little extra to the bow, adding a little more interest. She ties it all carefully with the Bowdabra wire. (so as not to crumple the tissue paper) To finish, she completes the small pretty scrunchy bow which can be glued or tied onto a gift box or a bottle.

Tying a gift box with a curling ribbon from all sides, Christel ties the scrunchy bow on top of the wrapped box. She curls the ribbons by taking the broad side of the scissors and slide it up the curly ribbon to make smaller beautiful curls. The edges of the bow can be cut in proportion to the size of the box.


For the next bow, Christel uses silver Bowdabra bow wire. She scrunches a pretty silver mesh in Bowdabra and makes loops with the twist-and-turn method. Continuing with the loops of smaller sizes with the silver mesh to add more volume.  Then, she finishes the bow by making a small button loop.

She ties the bow with the Bowdabra wire in several knots and fluffs it up to give it the look of a beautiful bow. She adds final touches by cutting the ends of the ribbons in dovetails. Using the remaining part of the Bowdabra Bow Wire, Christel twirls it really tight around a stick (you can also use a floral pick). The beautiful bow jazzes up the centerpiece, adding a special touch.


Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and bows in minutes:
• Large Bowdabra
• Mini Bowdabra
* Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool and Ruler
• Bowdabra wire
• Patterned ribbon in various lengths
• Rhinestone Mesh ribbon
* Tissue Paper

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2 thoughts on “Jazz up Bowdabra Bow Basics with Christel Jules

  • Pam

    This is so very helpful and such a gift to those of us who are creatively challenged. The tutorial is perfect in presentation and speed and everything else for that matter. I am grateful to you, Ms. Jules, for extending yourself and your talent! It is highly appreciated!!!! Your talent is only surpassed by your generosity.

    1. Christel

      Oh WOW! Thank you for your very kind comment and feedback Pam! I truly love what I do and am happy to share tips and tricks for others to enjoy being creative too :) Thank you for watching and happy crafting!

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