How to up your fall style with an amazing autumn bow

When you watch this easy Bowdabra video with Sandy Sandler you will quickly up your fall style with an amazing autumn bow!  Sandy shows you the simple steps to create your own autumn bow you can use on a wreath, for Thanksgiving tablescapes, and so much more!  The applications are simply endless!

So let’s get started.

Bowdabra Autumn bow

Amazing Autumn Bow Tutorial



24” Gold Bowdabra Wire

(3) 22” x 5” Olive Green Wired Ribbon

(2) 20” x 4” Lace Burlap Ribbon

20” x 5” Beige Wired Ribbon

20” x 2.5” Burlap Mesh

(3) 17.5” x 1.5” Orange Leaf Ribbon

17” x 6” Gold Mesh

(2) 15” x 1.5” Green Mesh

2 Burlap Floral Picks

Lighted Branch

So, now we’re going to make this really amazing autumn bow.  This bow could be used for a mantle or a door, and more.

First, I’m going to take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, fold it in half and lay it down into my Bowdabra. I’m just going to tuck the ends underneath, so they stay out of my way.

Now, I’ve already dovetailed the ends, so I’m just going to take this and scrunch down into my Bowdabra. And then I have another piece of ribbon that I’ve already dovetailed. I’m just going to scrunch this down.

And next, I have this really pretty burlap lace that I’ll scrunch down. And I’ve already dovetailed everything, but just in case you’re not sure how to dovetail, what we do is we fold our ribbon in half, and we’re just going to cut from the corner to the folds. It’s a pretty wide ribbon, so it’s a little more difficult to do. So, now I’m going to take my ribbon and just scrunch this down into my Bowdabra. And I’m just alternating the different ribbons.

Now, I’m going to put in my branch. It’s a lighted branch that’s going to give an amazing look. I’ll just show you here how it turns on. It’s kind of cool. So, now I’m going to lay that down in here. And I’m just going to take another piece of this ribbon. So, we’re just mixing and matching, and you can see how totally simple this is, because all I had to do was dovetail the ends of my ribbon and lay them into my Bowdabra.

Then, I’m going to take this burlap mesh. And I’m going to take my orange leaf ribbon. I just thought these colors were so pretty for Fall. I’m just going to lay this down. And now I’m going to take my green mesh here, lay that down in there. And I’m just going to kind of take my wand and sort of scrunch everything down.

I think I’m going to put the flowers in first. So, I’m going to lay my burlap flower here and my other burlap flower there. And then in the center, I’m going to just take my mesh and just literally scrunch it into my Bowdabra. And that covers up the stems from my flowers. Now I’m going to just scrunch everything down.

Finally, I’m going to take my Bowdabra Bow Wire and grab this piece here. I’m going to pull it through my slipknot, pull it really tight while it’s still in the Bowdabra. I’m going to take it out. Now I’m going to just separate the ends and bring it around to the back and just tie a knot here and make sure that I tie it really tight, double knot it and clip my wire. You could use it to tie this onto a wreath, and then you wouldn’t want to cut your wire.  This time, I’m not going to tie it onto anything. I’m just probably going to put it on the mantel.

To finish, we’re just going to take my branches and just kind of spread them out. And you have this really, really pretty Fall décor piece.

how to create gorgeous bows for wreaths & Thanksgiving tablescapes

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