This is the best way to easily store small ribbon scraps

If one of your resolutions this New Year was to get your craft room more organized then you will love this tutorial. How do you store small ribbon scraps?  Do you put them all in a pile in a box to get tangled, messy, and hard to separate?  Or do you just throw them away?

Don’t throw small ribbon scraps away anymore.  Bowdabra blog has tons of tutorials using small pieces of ribbon to make adorable hair bows, décor items and more.

Grab some inexpensive popsicle sticks and make a colorful and decorative ribbon storage jar to store small ribbon scraps in an organized manner.  The jar makes a great gift for any crafter too!

how to store small ribbon scraps

Updated 2018


Decorative glass jar with cover

Scraps of ribbon

Popsicle sticks





  1. First, gather all your ribbon scraps.

small ribbon scraps diy ideas


  1. Then, use the tape to tape the end of the ribbon to the popsicle stick. Wrap the ribbon around the stick and tape the end.  You can use wider tongue depressor type stick for wider ribbons.

how to store small scraps of ribbons

  1. Repeat wrapping all the ribbons and then, layer them in the jar.

how to easily store small ribbon scraps in glass jar

  1. It’s easy to separate the ribbons by color, texture or seasonal ones.


  1. Now you are all ready to create with Bowdabra. Simply unwind the desired amount of ribbon and then re-tape to the stick.


  1. Never toss a ribbon scrap again!


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