Learn how to make this adorable little silver puppy bow

Watch this easy video DIY by Bowdabra creator, Sandy and learn how to make this adorable little silver puppy bow.  In literally minutes you will have a gorgeous bow that your furry friend will rock in style.

This little silver puppy bow is perfect for any pet parents, gifts for pet lovers and of course dog groomers.  It’s so much fun and so easy with Bowdabra you can make one or make several quick as a wink. Alternately, you could attach the bow to a headband or ponytail holder and you and your pup can have a matching bow.

how to make this adorable little silver puppy bow

Silver puppy bow


Mini Bowdabra

18” Silver Bowdabra Wire

5” x 15” Silver Bowdabra Scrunchy Ribbon

3” x17” White Tulle

1.5” x 4” Silver Wired Ribbon

0.5” x 17” Black Polka Dot Ribbon

5/8” x 17” Paw Print Grosgrain Ribbon


Bowdabra Liquisilk

Now we’re going to make this adorable little silver puppy bow.

We’ll start with our Mini Bowdabra. I have my Bowdabra Bow Wire. I’m folding it in half and just laying it in my Mini Bowdabra and just tucking the ends underneath so they stay out of my way.

Then, I’m going to take my Bowdabra Scrunchy Ribbon and I’m just going to scrunch it down into my Mini Bowdabra and just kind of do it right down the center. And scrunch in there.

Next, I have this little piece of tulle. I’m just going to scrunch that in. And take my little ribbon here and just scrunch that down. Now, I did do a little mountain up here so that it will form like that. And I take my wand and just give everything a really good push because we still have more ribbon to put in here.

Now, what I’m going to do is take my polka-dotted ribbon, fold it in half. I’m just going to put the center down upside-down and fold it back over here. And then do the same thing so I have an X, and then I’m going to push down the bottom ribbon and then the top, and that’s how we make a boutique bow.

And we’re going to do another one with our grosgrain. So, I’m going to, again, fold it in half. I love this cute little paw print ribbon. And I just scrunch down there. Then, I make a little loop here, and then again, I’m going to do the X over, so you have an X here like that. And then I’m going to put this into my Bowdabra. And then I’m going to take the bottom one and lay that down in the center and do the same thing with the top because I wanted to do my little mountain up there.

Finishing your bow

Finally, I’m going to take my wand and scrunch everything down. And then I’m going to take one more little piece of Scrunchy Ribbon and put that just in the center to finish it off. And I think this would look really cute on a little puppy. Then I’ll take my Bowdabra Bow Wire and pull it through the slipknot. I pull it tight while it’s still in the Mini Bowdabra and then take it out. I’ll separate the ends and bring this down the center, bring it around to the back. And I’ll just tie a knot here and tie another knot.

You can just tie this right onto your puppy’s collar. Just shape this out. So, let’s clip the ends. But I would tie it onto the puppy’s collar, or you could put it on a ponytail holder, or a headband for that matter. And shape it, and you have this adorable little silver puppy bow.

how to make a silver puppy bow

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